... BUT !

This week we celebrate the 1000th like on @mysetup_co ❤️

You too, come share your hardware tastes on mysetup.co/

We've (just) found out the glitch that you guys might have encountered while posting your setups.
This should be fixed now, sorry again for the inconvenience 🚑

This is it, the v3.6 is finally out on mysetup.co/ !

You can already visit our new Weekly Picks page 🎉

To our users : Expect a pretty impressive update of the website soon 😌

We couldn't share our latest blog post on the previous instance, but here it is now 🎉


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mysetup.co/ will now take refuge in @Eai's instance !

If interested, you may now follow @mysetup_co 🎉

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